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Child accident victims in dire need of assistance

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Two girls who are sisters, one six years old and the other nine, are in dire need of financial assitance after an accident last week caused severe physical trauma to the two.

According to their mother, Marla Encalada, the accident which happened on October 28th, has left the nine year-old with second degree tire burns on her back and the younger girl with medical complications in her pelvic area.

Anyone interested in helping can make a donation to Belize Bank account number: 230822. The mother can be reached at 633-0829.

Encalada detailed the graphic extent of the six-year-old’s injuries caused by the accident and an alleged botched procedure at the Karl Huesner Memorial Hospital (KHMH).

She said at the time of the accident her children were walking back from a shop in Ladyville when a driver in a Ford F150, driven by 39 year-old Edward Bennet, ran over the nine year-old and when the younger girl ran to her aid the truck reversed over her, crushing her pelvic bone.

Witnesses in the area rushed to the scene and allegedly tried to pull the girl from under the tire but broken glass, which she had landed on, caused severe cutting to her private parts.

The mother also claims that because of the nature of the injury, doctors at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital (KHMH) attempted to stitch her up but stiched her anus, causing her to pass stool through her vagina.

Encalada is also seeking assistance in the form of housing as hers isn’t adequate to facilitate the six year-old, who won’t be able to walk for some time.

Bennet’s insurance is only covering half the expenses and the medical bills have racked up to above $35,000 so far.

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