Chetumal Street bridge almost complete

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

The Chetumal Street Bridge is expected to be completed in December and works on roundabouts on the two highways, which the bridge will connect are expected to be completed by March, if the weather permits.

Minister of State and Lake Independence Representative, Mark King said they are looking forward to having the bridge completed by the end of December but said if the rains persist, the latest date for completion would be some time in January.

According to Edmond Robateau, CISCO construction site supervisor, they are almost finished with work on the bridge and he estimated that they should be done within the next two-weeks to a month. Robateau said the only thing left to do is cast the concrete road on the surface of the bridge at the southern approach. Robateau said they also still have to fill the northern approach and cast the surface.

Work has also already started on roundabouts onthe George Price and Phillip Goldson highways that will facilitate the flow of traffic at the junctions leading to the bridge.

Alexander Dawson, CISCO project supervisor said that they have already compacted the ground at the junction on the George Price Highway with Faber’s Road in preparation for the roundabout.

Dawson said they have already started constructing the drainage system for the area. Dawson added that they started work in late October and estimated that the roundabout would be completed in March if the rains hold up.

Work on the boulevard connecting the George Price highway to the Chetumal Street Bridge should begin sometime within the next few months after the roundabout is completed, but the contract for construction of that road has not been signed yet.

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