Charges against Pastor Louis Wade thrown out

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

The sitting San Ignacio Magistrate, on Tuesday dismissed charges brought against Pastor Louis Wade, ruling that the misdemeanor charges were a direct result of “executive manipulation”.

In May, Wade was charged with ‘common assault’ and ‘indecent words’, levied against Robert Montero, son of Minister Rene Montero, in an alleged incident stemming from November 2016.

On Wednesday, Wade told the Reporter that the judge in his ruling on Monday questioned the intent of why he was charged for minor offenses just a week short of it being statute-barred.

Additionally, Wade revealed, “…the magistrate struck out the case stating clearly that it was an abuse of ‘executive power’ and could possibly create ‘a breach of public confidence’ in the justice system and that it was really ‘a show of bad faith’ on behalf of the police.”
Wade said the report against him was false and he is satisfied that the magistrate identified the issue immediately.

In November 2016, Wade and Montero came face to face at the San Ignacio sporting complex, where the journalist and TV talk show host was capturing footage of the alleged misuse of government resources.
Wade alleged that Montero attempted to run him over with his vehicle, but he never assaulted him in any way.

A couple days after the incident, Wade and Montero made separate reports at the San Ignacio police station. However, Wade’s report was removed, allegedly because it lacked evidence. Instead, he was charged.
The Officer Commanding San Ignacio police had indicated to the media in May that the Department was in possession of sufficient evidence to lay charges against the pastor.

“If they can do this to me – a pastor – what will they do to a person who has less public presence? We have to fight for that unknown person on the street,” Wade said after the hearing was dismissed.
Wade will be meeting with a team of lawyers to discuss whether he will pursue legal action against the Department.

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