Cemeteries Dept. offers value for money – Citco’s PR says

The intention of the Belize City Council’s Cemeteries Department monopolizing the digging and building of graves is to give good value for money, said the City Council’s newly appointed public relations manager, Kenny Morgan at an impromptu press conference at Lord’s Ridge Cemetery on Thursday afternoon, January 17.
He cited the poor quality of workmanship of some graves built in the past which had subsequently collapsed, requiring the City Council to step in and rebuild the graves, at a cost paid by the City Council.
He said under the previous system, no undertaker built any graves at the cemetery, instead they sub-contracted the work to City Council employees working at the cemetery, for a small consideration.
Morgan declined to comment on whether the cemetery workers were receiving a share of the money collected by the City Council for cemetery services, like grave digging and grave construction.
Morgan would only say that as City Council employees, they were paid a salary to do work in their job description.
He said the inefficiency of the past system had also prompted the City Council to begin to map out Lord’s Ridge Cemetery to know the precise location of all grave plots—occupied and vacant.
Morgan again clammed up on the issue of what system was in place before and why a map was only now being created.
He volunteered that he was only responsible for the initiatives undertaken by this present City Council, which took office last March, and that it, (the Council) could not be held accountable for what was done by previous city managements.
As for the few instances recently reported in the media where the City Council’s quality control system had broken down, Morgan blamed communication glitches, saying these were small teething problems that will not be repeated.
He also said that the grave-building rates attributed to the City Council and reported in the media were not accurate, and he promised to fax a rate sheet to all media houses.

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