Caribbean’s Kick ‘Em Jenny volcano kicking up

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor



The Caribbean’s underwater volcano named “Kick ‘Em Jenny” has had several eruptions since Saturday, prompting the University of the West Indies (UWI) Seismic Research Centre (SRC) to closely monitor it for any potential threat of a tsunami.


The Centre reported that the first eruption at the region’s only submarine volcano happened at around 5:45 Saturday evening and it was felt in St. Patrick’s, Grenada, about five miles away.


The first eruption caused 43 low-magnitude volcanic tremors, according to Grenada’s National Disaster Management Agency (NaDMA).  These were in the magnitude range of 1.5 to 3.0 on Saturday.


Then on Sunday, the UWI/SRC recorded a high amplitude signal, lasting about 25 seconds, from Grenada and Montserrat. The Centre said Sunday that the signal follows an increase in the number of background events associated with the volcano.


The eruptions have caused the volcano alert to be raised to yellow; and seafarers and ships should observe a 3.1-mile exclusion zone around the volcano.


The yellow alert means the volcano is restless, and seismicity activity are above the historical level; however, there is no tsunami expected at this stage.


The Centre reported in a release on Sunday that “recent measurements have indicated that the summit of Kick ’em Jenny is currently too deep beneath the surface of the sea for an eruption to likely trigger a tsunami.”


Kick ‘Em Jenny has erupted 12 times between 1939 and 2001, but none was as severe as the one in 1939.

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