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Burnt human remains discovered off Coastal Road

By Michelle Sutherland, Staff Reporter

The Reporter newspaper has officially confirmed that burnt human remains were found by a farmer off the Coastal road late Saturday evening.

Our information is that the discovery was made in some bushes about 30 feet from the roadside, about 10 miles from La Democracia village.

Trusted sources have confirmed that the identity nor the gender of the deceased could be established, since it was completely decomposed.

It appears that the body was set on fire after it was placed at the location.

The discovery was made around 4:55 p.m., Saturday by a farmer from Gales Point Manatee village, who was hunting in the area.

However, due to the lateness of the discovery, police and crime scene technicians were not able to process the scene until today.

The bones were retrieved from the scene and transported to the Southern Regional Hospital morgue where a post mortem examination is scheduled to take place.

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