BTL Park undergoes serious makeover

BTLA major project to reclaim land, construct a sea wall, and give a face lift to the BTL Park on Newtown Barracks, costing roughly $1 million, is expected to be completed by the end of June, just in time for the summer holidays. 

Two weeks from now, the reclamation and construction of the seawall should be complete and work to build a 200-foot pier into the Caribbean Sea for residents who want to enter the water to bathe and swim, will begin.

The make-over of the park is an undertaking of the Belize City Council, through the restructuring of its finances and improving  revenues from tax sources to be able to fund the project.

The entire project will encompass a range of things such as raising the entire park six inches, planting grass, installing an amphitheatre for large concerts, and two food courts on either side of the park that will accommodate 18 vendors.

The kiosks will come courtesy of Bowen & Bowen Ltd., and there will also be  additional footpaths for walking and physical exercises.

Speaking of park security, a police booth will be built at the park, and the Council’s special constables will frequently patrol the area.

Mayor Darrell Bradley, who gave an update on the progress of the park this week, said that as part of the Council’s “Open for Business” campaign, the idea is to create more opportunity for people to make their livelihood using these spaces at the park to sell their food, drinks and snacks while citizens are given a safe, aesthetically pleasing place to spend timewith  friends and family at no cost.

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