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Bowen and Bowen invests $40 million in a new bottling plant

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter 

This week, Bowen and Bowen made a $40 million investment in a brand new bottling plant to avoid a bottle shortage that have plagued the company in the past. 

After noticing that soft drinks and Belikin bottles shortages was an issue for consumers, especially in the months of September and December, the company took matters seriously and invested in a new plant that can produce up to 22 thousand bottles per hour. 

Michael Bowen, President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Bowen and Bowen, stated that the company is not only seeking to increase the amount of bottles, but to ensure the satisfaction of their consumers. He stated that the investment is part of a four-year plan that the company developed to increase their product’s quality. 

The new, mass production bottling system allows the company more time, as it can get done more in less time, and allows it to add more portfolios to other products. 

Recently, the company launched an increase product campaign, adding a generous 20 percent of product for the same price. Bowen commented that adding value to their products is a long-term strategy, incorporated by the company since 2010 to give more satisfaction to Belizean costumers.  

The new 600 ml bottle is replacing the old 500 ml and will be the same price as before. 

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