Belmopan kids visit Central prison

By Michelle Sutherland
Staff Reporter

Belmopan police and the Kolbe Foundation, this week, organized a trip for 20 at-risk kids from Belmopan city to the Belize Central Prison for a first-hand experience of prison life in an effort to discourage youths from criminal activity.

Belmopan Police Commander, Howell Gillett, said the trip was organized because often times, children don’t experience prison life unless they visit someone or until they have been charged with a crime themselves, which is too late. During the visit, the kids heard first hand testimonials from inmates who shared their hardships in prison.

The kids watched a slideshow depicting daily prison life. They were reminded that contact with the outside world is limited due to the prohibition of electronic devices such as phones, tablets, computers etc.

Belize Central Prison CEO, Virijillo Murillo, said the prison is always willing to offer these types of intervention efforts to deter youth from bad behaviour.
According to Murillo, last year 130 youths were sent to prison for crimes of dishonesty such as robbery, burglary and theft while the majority was sent for violent offences.

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