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Belizean organizations pledge solidarity with Venezuela

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

Several social groups and private citizens gathered at the Embassy of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela in support of the government during its diplomatic falling out with the United States of America on Saturday.

The function was organized by the Belize Organization for Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution. Cesar Ross, president of the organization, explained that the function is geared not only to support Venezuela in their governance decisions, but to sensitize the public on the issue with the United States and how it affects governance in Belize and the wider Latin American region.

“As we speak, solidarity events are being held in countries all over the world, Ross said. “We are planning a tour to take the information north and south and all over the country.”

Ross added that the organization is also working on an educational video addressing issues such as social justice and reparations, going in line with the principles of the Bolivarian revolution.

Ambassador of Venezuela to Belize, Yoel Perez Marcado, said that the people and government of Venezuela are calling on US President, Barak Obama to revoke the executive order declaring Venezuela as a threat to US national security and to respect the government’s sovereignty.

“We are defending the sovereignty and independence and we are also defending the right to peace which all our countries enjoy,” Marcado said. “We are aspiring that the government of Barak Obama will accept that the countries of Latin America do not accept imposed intervention by external forces and we demand that he respects our institutions and government.”

Representatives of the Belize Organization for Solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution were joined by representatives from the University of Belize, the mayor of Dangriga, the deputy mayor of Belmopan and several other groups and private citizens.

Earlier this month the United States government issued the executive order declaring Venezuela a threat. The declaration is the first step in a phased process of sanctioning countries, US officials said, pointing out countries which have been in the situation, such as Syria and Cuba.

Relations between Venezuela and the US have been tense since 2008, when the then President of Venezuela, the late Hugo Chavez expelled then-U.S. Ambassador Patrick Duddy. The US responded by expelling Venezuelan envoy, Bernardo Alvarez.

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