Belizean food spices up L.A.

A “Little Belize” in the south of L.A. has made it’s mark with different ethnic cooking from Belize.
Three restaurants that stands out are Ella’s Belizean Restaurant, Joan and Sisters and Mar’s Caribbean Gardens.
The food served are of the Belizean Kriol and Maya culture. Dishes such as rice and beans is served everyday, but appetizers such as panades, and fried tortilla are all culinary treats that can be found on the tables of south L.A.
Boil up consisting of pig tail, fish, hard- boiled eggs, yams, plantains, boil cakes from flour sweet potato, yucca and taro (Cocao from Belize) covered in a stew of tomatoes, onions and peppers is among one of the kriol dishes served.
Ella’s, owned by Carla Dawson, is a Belizean fast food place hidden in south L.A. that attracts mostly Belizean clients.
Named after Dawson’s daughter, the restaurant opened its doors in 2011. Speaking about the motivation for starting the company, Dawson’s sister, Stacy, said, “cooking is in their DNA, everyone in their family cooks.”
Mar’s Caribbean Gardens is the desired Belizean restaurant in the L.A. area; it has a full liquor licence, serving smoky, spicy chimole.
Owner Marie Jimenez and the manager Fred Dixson have created a place where Belizeans can bring business and clients and can feel proud.
Joan and Sisters is owned by Elenor and Samuel Bevans. The Belizean restaurant has been opened for 30 years.
On Tuesday and Thursday creamy split pea soup with fleshy pig tail is served, and to spark the weekend conch soup is served on Fridays.
The restaurant also features Kriol cuisine such as meat pies and conch fritters, while brukdown plays in the background to truly add that true Belizean flavour to overall ambiance.

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