Belizean entrepreneur honored with two regional awards

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Belizean entrepreneur, Crystal Samos, founder of the Carpe Diem line of skin care products, was honored this week with two prestigious awards from the Caribbean Center of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods (COESL).

Samos represented Belize at the 2015 CARICOM sustainable development through entrepreneurship seminar, held under the theme actions for developing the region’s entrepreneurial, resilient people and sustainable communities.”
She won awards for the 2015 Most Creative Product/ Service, and 2015 Best Female Entrepreneur. She was the only one to have won two awards at the ceremony.
Countries participating in the seminar included:Suriname, Grenada, Jamaica, Panama, Antigua and Barbuda, and St. Vincent & the Grenadines.

Chamberlain consulting was the organization that chose Crystal Samos, for she is one of the up -and- coming young female entrepreneurs of Belize.
Samos was also appointed as a “Golden Rule” ambassador for the entire nation.
“I have been completely transformed not only as a young entrepreneur but also a a person and woman”, Samos said. “Being appointed as a “golden rule” ambassador will allow me to be the voice for thousands of people around the world. This will allow me to bring forth solutions to the United Nations.

Samos started Carpe Diem on December 27th 2014, making coffee based skin scrubs. In only 10 months she went from making five bottles a week to 150 bottles a week.
“Because of the stimulating properties in caffeine, coffee scrubs have been used to help with conditions such as cellulites and eczema'”, Samos explained.
Carpe Diem products, Latin for “seize the day”, is already available at Brodies on the Phillip Goldson Highway and Adorn Boutique in Cayo.

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