Belize ranks 100th on Gender Gap report

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Belize has ranked 100th out of 142 countries in the Gender Gap Index report, which measures the gender equality gap in health, education, economy and politics, prepared by the World Economic Forum.

Belize scored a 0.6701 out of a possible 1 point maximum equality rating. According to the report, there is still inequality in Belize’s labor force participation with men dominating this aspect. Men also earn a higher income than women in Belize, the report noted.

According to the report, enrollment in primary schools in Belize is, for the most part equal but females have the advantage in enrollment in secondary and tertiary-level education institutions. Females also have a higher life expectancy in Belize than do males.

There is great inequality in politics in Belize, the report indicated. According to the Index, the ratio of men to women in parliament is 97 to 3 and the ratio of men to women in ministerial positions is 87 to 13. The report also noted that Belize has never had a female head of state.

Last year Belize ranked 107th on the Index and the year before Belize was ranked at 102nd.

Iceland, Finland, Norway, Sweden and Denmark ranked as the top five respectively on the Gender Gap Index, with the highest score being Iceland’s 0.8594.

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