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BCCI Christmas Expo hits downtown

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

This weekend the Belize Chamber of Commerce and Industry held its fourth annual Christmas Expo at the Romacs Plaza in downtown Belize City.

The two-day event, a spin-off from the BCCI’s annual expo held in September, featured local businesses engaging consumers with a variety of products and special holiday prices.

Entrepreneurs and businesses exhibited products such as jewellery, clothes, handicrafts, jams, liqueur, and juices.
Jamilee Rocke, marketing and public relations manager for the BCCI, explained that the event gives small businesses, that otherwise wouldn’t have large marketing budgets, to promote their products on a larger scale than they normally would.

“We have about 30 businesses here, 75 percent of them are small businesses,” Rocke said. “We have less exhibitors but this year we have a bigger crowd.”

Among the exhibitors was Immer Perez, Caye Caulker entrepreneur amd creator of the product, “Lizard Juice.”

Perez, who has been operating for the past six years, explained that while he has several locations for his business, and an increasing presence through social media marketing, the expo still presented a good opportunity for his and other businesses.

“There are many local businesses with good ideas, and recipes for all kinds of products,” Perez said. “So I’m just glad the Chamber holds these expos so we can get it out there to the people that there are good products coming from Belize.”

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