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Bar Association holds workshop on Belize Territorial Issue

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

The Bar Association of Belize held a workshop discussing issues related to the Belize Territorial Claim at the Biltmore Plaza, Belize City on Friday.

Jacqueline Marshalleck, president of the Bar Association, said that as the Guatemalan Claim has a diplomatic aspect, it also has a legal aspect and this workshop educates attorneys to understand the legal aspect of the claim.

With the knowledge about referendum, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) and other legal elements associated  with the claim, the attorneys will be able to assist Belizeans who have questions about the issue.

“I think there is an assumption that because we are attorneys, we know we have all of the answers…there are a number of attorneys who really are not that familiar with the details of the dispute and we also wanted an opportunity to determine what may be fact from fiction,” stated Marshalleck.

Marshalleck stated that although the Bar Association will not partake in negotiations, but as advocates, they will be involved in educating the Belizean public on the issues with credible and accurate information.

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