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Baker killed and brother injured in explosion

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

A baker/cyclist was killed and his brother was injured in an explosion at their workplace on Friday morning.

The incident happened at Moralez’ In and Out Bakery in Sand Hill village sometime around 8:00 a.m., and claimed the life of Alfonso Moralez Jr., who was trying to fix an oven to bake the day’s supply for the British Army Training Support Unit Belize (BATSUB).

Reports are that the stove exploded – a bang that flung open the oven door violently, hitting Moralez in the head, and hurling him to the ground unconscious. His brother, Alberto Moralez, who was next to him, was also struck in the head by the oven door but survived with a gash on his head.

Fire officials say that in the process of fixing the oven, one of the burners was accidentally left on, and when Alfonso struck a match to light the oven, the build up of butane caused a fireball explosion that killed him.

The explosion was so loud that it startled neighbours several hundred feet away. The oven reportedly failed to work last week when employees tried to put it on.

Alfonso Moralez, who rode in the Weekend Warriors bicycle race, had only been working at the bakery for the past few weeks before the incident.

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