Bag of passports found last week is no sinister attempt to steal elections – PM Barrow

By Marion V. Ali
Staff Reporter

The bag of passports found last week inside a business establishment in San Ignacio, was not a part of any sinister attempt by the ruling United Democratic Party (UDP) to allow illegitimate people to vote in Wednesday’s General Elections says Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Barrow, who spoke to reporters in what was likely his last interview as prime minister before the elections, debunked concerns raised by Leader of the Opposition Francis Fonseca soon after the discovery last week, that reports of underground work by UDP operatives to “steal” the elections were rampant.

Fonseca had expressed concern that the binders at the Elections and Boundaries Department were possibly being tampered with. But Barrow asserted to reporters this week that the opposition is merely using tactics to create mischief.
“The last [voters] list that is in play was the list concluded on September tenth and all parties and all candidates have copies of that list. It is impossible for any names to be added on, so that makes no sense at all”, Barrow told reporters.
The knapsack which contained the passports was found two weeks before General Elections and the travel documents are in the possession of the National Crimes Investigations Branch (CIB) in Belmopan, which is investigating the matter.

There were eight passports inside the bag, including a Guatemalan, a Belizean, a Honduran, an American, and four Salvadoran passports, along with police records.
The person who owns the bag has reported that he was assisting the owners of the passports to extend their working visas and collected the documents while campaigning for his party.

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