Auditor General gives update on Health Audits

By Alexis R. Milan Staff Reporter

Auditor General Bradley said her office recently started auditing the Western Health Region and is currently still auditing the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital.

Bradley also indicated that she still has intentions to audit the Central Health Region again.

Currently, Bradley’ has a team auditing the Western Health Region based on anonymous information received from a whistleblower.

Bradley said that audit began about a month ago.
She added that her office has been a bit under-resourced in conducting the audit on Western Health Region due to some of the other audits her office has undertaken. She indicated that her office hasn’t reached the stage of preparing a preliminary report as yet but said it shouldn’t be too much longer before one is prepared.

Bradley also gave a brief update on the audit at the KHMH and said she expects that particular audit to be completed sometime within the next three weeks to a month. Bradley said the audit on the KHMH wasn’t a comprehensive audit but rather more concentrated on specific aspects.

She said when the KHMH audit is completed the report would be sent to the Chairman of the Board, who requested the audit, for that institution to review.

Bradley said once the report is presented they would be the one to address the findings of her report.

She also indicated that based on their findings during their audit of the Central Health Region, her office believes that another more in depth audit is warranted.
Bradley said, however, that while she may want to do a more comprehensive audit on that region, her office’s resources are spread thin given all the other audits currently being done.

In May, a leaked Auditor General report from an audit of the Central Health Region, more specifically the Matron Roberts Polyclinic, revealed consistent instances of public funds being used to pay for items such as two iPads, plane tickets for the Ministry CEO and in one instance even a $64,000 truck for the Ministry.

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