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Artists take over Albert Street

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

Artists converged on Albert Street for the fifth annual Street Arts Festival on Saturday.

According to Karen Vernon, theatre director of the Bliss Center for the Performing Arts and Street Art Festival organizer the event has grown and expanded over the years.

Vernon said that the event provides a medium for artists to showcase their work and make sales but even other types of vendors have used the event to their benefit. According to Vernon, the number of vendors this year has increased to stretch all the way down Albert Street.

While Vernon said she could not give any official figures in terms of the kind of economic activity generated by the event she said that the increase in participation was indicative of the success of the festival.

This year’s event included a line up of drama, music, paintings and sculptures on display and for sale. Vendors also used the event to promote their businesses with some vendors travelling from out-district just for the one-day event.

The festival also included the second annual Sidewalk Chalk Competition. According to Ilona Smiling, Belize Museum curator and competition judge the competition offers artists an opportunity to display their creativity in a competition setting.

Smiling said this year’s competition included about 30 participants who were given three hours to complete their pieces before being judged on originality, creativity and aesthetics.

First place went to Keion Griffith for his piece entitled “Noone knows my pain,” depicting a distraught little girl with a pack of dynamites strapped to her back.

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