An investor’s guide to low carbon projects in Belize

By Benjamin Flowers Staff Reporter

The Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Sustainable Development held a two-day workshop this week to validate the content to be included in an investor’s guide book for low-carbon projects in Belize.
Members of both the public and private sector attended the European-Union-funded workshop to review and critique a list of potential projects that were outlined in the “portfolio.”
South Pole Carbon Assets Management Limited, the consultancy firm hired by government, conducted research in the areas of energy and waste management.
Ann Gordon, national coordinator for climate change in the National Climate Change Office, said that the overall goal of the projects is to stimulate investment in the two sectors.
“What we want to do is use these projects to make sure that we get some sustainable development benefits such as poverty alleviation, income and job generation and private sector development.”
Manuel Cocco, climate policy lead and senior consultant at South Pole Carbon, explained that while Belize is only responsible for 0.1 percent of greenhouse gas emissions world wide, there still exists potential for Belize to access carbon financing.
His team developed a system called the National Appropriate Mitigation Action (NAMA), which he says will allow for developing countries to pursue their own development objectives, while pursuing low carbon sustainable development
“NAMA is an opportunity to use the climate finances that is already available and will be increasing in the future to leverage investment in the sectors of Belize’s economy to achieve sustainable development and sectorial planning goals.”
Some of the projects included small scale hydroelectricity for small rural communities, as well as rural waste storage facilities.
The investor’s guide and project portfolio is scheduled to be complete by the end of April.

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