American citizen missing at sea

By Alexis R. Milan
An American citizen remains missing after a kayaking adventure on Tuesday turned into disaster near the reef off the coast of San Pedro.

Wrangler Shane Leesman, 29, and his friend, Bradley Evans Josker, went kayaking around noon and decided to return to shore when they noticed the sea getting rough. But before they could do so, a wave hit them, capsizing their kayak.
Josker told police that they tried for a while to return to their kayak but another wave that struck them made that effort futile. He added that they started to drift apart and that was the last time he saw his friend.

Josker added that he tried to swim to shore but the currents kept pulling him over the reef. A coast guard vessel later rescued Josker and searched the area for Leesman, but without success.

Leesman was last seen wearing a pair of white swim shorts and has a sleeve tattoo on his arm.


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