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Ahmadiyyah Muslims worldwide gather in London England for 49th annual conference

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Between 30,000 and 40,000 members of the Ahmadiyyah Muslim community from over 200 countries across the world are attending their annual conference or ‘Jalsa Salana’ in London England, where their association is headquartered.

The purpose of the three-day event is to reinforce the mission of Ahmadiyyah Muslims – to promote world peace and brotherhood, and to return to the noble values and teachings on which the faith was started by their Prophet, Muhammad.

The area used for the convention is farm land and Ahmadiyyah Muslim volunteers transformed it into the site for the event, which has in attendance Ministers of Government from all over the world, including Belize’s Minister of Education Patrick Faber. Belize has a small delegation of Ahmadiyyah Muslims in attendance at the event.

The Reporter will have full coverage of this event, and other news from London in Thursday’s printed edition.

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