Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Belize to hold 2nd Annual Convention

By Ingrid Fernandez/ Staff Journalist

The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Belize will be gathering on Saturday January 30th for the annual convention, in which they plan to address current issues such as integration and terrorist risks.

According to Organizer of the Convention, Naveed Mangla, the convention will bring together new members to meet the Muslims already in Belize. Non-muslims are invited to attend the convention and interact with the Muslim people in Belize to get to know what Islam is about.
The community that was established in November 2013 has existed for almost three years and has over a hundred members, mostly from Belize City and surrounding villages. The mosque is located in Buttonwood Bay.

Mangla said the social climate of Belize is welcoming to Muslim people, unlike other western countries in which followers of the Islamic faith face much discrimination and xenophobia. Belizeans are very open minded, Mangla said, and have a high level of acceptance of different communities.
Mangla said Muslims face no problems integrating in the Belizean culture or with the Christian religion because both religions, Christian and Muslim have similar teachings and roots.

The topic is a very important one that will be discussed in the convention, according to Mangla. Islam, which means ‘peace’ in Arabic, depicts the nature of the religion.
Mangla explained that the fears sprouting against the Islamic faith connected to terrorism arise because of a small number of individuals who carry out radical actions that taint the image of the religion.

According to Mangla, prolific members of the political landscape of Belize City, namely Mayor Darrel Bradley has acquainted themselves with the community.
The Amidhya Muslim Community extends its invitation to the public at large to attend the convention that will be held on Saturday, January 30th at the Gateway Youth Center at #242 Dakers Street, Belize City.
Complementary dinner will be served.

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