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40 Belizeans detained by Guatemalan military

By Alexis R. Milan, Staff Reporter

A group of about 40 Belizeans including women and children from the Belize Territorial Volunteers (BTV) have been intercepted by Guatemalan military and are being held at a Guatemalan military base.

According to George Lovell, CEO in the Ministry of National Security the Ministry was alerted of the situation by BTV President Wil Maheia.

According to Maheia, about 40 Belizeans from the northern segment of the BTV were on an expedition to place a flag on the southern momument between the border of Belize and Guatemala and it was on their way back when the boat they were travelling on was intercepted by Guatemalan military.

According to Maheia, the boat was in Belizean waters but Lovell says the Ministry is still investigating to determine the exact circumstances of the situation.

Lovell said the Ministry has contacted the highest level of Guatemalan officials and have even contacted the Organization of American States (OAS).

According to Lovell, he was informed by Maheia that the Belizeans were being detained at a base in Livingston, Guatemala but Lovell said he doubted that was where they were taken due to their lack of a proper base in Livingston.

Lovell said because women, children and elders were included in the expedition the Ministry isn’t worried that they might be in any danger from the Guatemalan military.

According to Lovell, the Ministry is working tirelessly to address the situation and have it resolved as peacefully and as quickly as possible.

The Reporter will have more details on this story as they become available.

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