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Doehm’s suicide note speaks of “witch hunt”

By Michelle Sutherland, Staff Reporter

On Thursday evening the news that the body of 59-year-old David Doehm was discovered in room 523 of the Ramada Princess Hotel and Casino spread like wildfire across the nation, shocking the Belizean public after preliminary information suggested that he had committed suicide.

Official information by police to the media on Thursday revealed that on the scene investigators had recovered a suicide note believed to have been written by Doehm himself. They would not disclose the contents of the note.

On Friday, however, part of Doehm’s three-page suicide note was leaked to the media, in which he stated that he would end his life, by his own hands and without the assistance or knowledge of anyone else.

The deceased claimed that he was the victim of “a witch hunt conducted by the goverment of Belize” – the subject of an investigation related to his suspected involvement in the death of his 13-year-old step daughter, Faye Lin Cannon, who was discovered dead in July of this year at her family’s San Pedro rented condo.

In his note, Doehm explained that he had plotted his death by the inhilation of nitrogen gas so as not to subject the people cleaning up his death scene an unsightly one.

Doehm’s body was discovered inside the hotel room sometime after 11:30 on Thursday, when a cleaner when to tidy up the room.

He was found with a bag covering his head, with a tube connected to it which was attached to a nitrogen tank.

Reliable information suggests that Doehm had checked into the hotel alone the day before.

Doehm and his wife, Anke were charged in July of this year with “cruelty to a child” and were under investigation for Cannon’s death. She had died due to severe physical and sexual abuse.

The Doehms were out on bail.

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