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John Briceno calls national executive meeting

By Marion Ali, Assistant Editor

John Briceno called the People’s United Party’s first National Executive meeting on Thursday, since he took over as the party’s new leader about a month ago.

During the meeting Briceno presented his 100-day plan for the executive’s approval.

PUP Chairman, Henry Usher shared with reporters what the plan entails.

“The party leader listed a number of issues, including the reorganization of the Secretariat; the reorganization and the restructuring and strengthening of the National Executive; and also his tour that he hopes to get done in all 31 constituencies within the first 100 days … and the national executive supported those positions and supported his plan.”

Usher said while no mention was made of what specific role Lake Independence Area Representative Cordel Hyde will take up, his name was a part of the discussion.

“The Honorable Cordel Hyde’s name was brought up. The party leader was given the authority to approach Cordel and to try to find a position, a senior position in the party for him to work. … There was no such discussion between the party leader and the Honorable Cordel about [becoming] a national deputy leader. That discussion will now commence as the national executive just gave him the authority to do so.”

Usher indicated that the PUP will hold a parliamentary caucus on Monday, at which matters such as assignment of new senators are likely to arise.

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