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Eastern Division police conducts coaching sessions with 4th form students

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

This weekend, officers from the Eastern Division police formation engaged with fourth form students from the Anglican Cathedral College (ACC) in Crooked Tree.

Facilitated by Senior Superintendent Edward Broaster, Deputy Commander of the Eastern Division, the session included more than 40 students.

Broaster stated that the session covered topics about gang and street violence and aimed at equipping students with skills to counter violence.

With the knowledge acquired at the sessions, Broaster stated that the fourth form students will be able to be “productive citizens and no one would lead them astray to do illegal stuff.”

Understanding that unemployment is a problem that young people face in contemporary times, and is a direct link to violence and crime, Broaster stated. He said the sessions also equip students with knowledge to create their own employment.

ACC arranged for the coaching sessions because the students are going to graduate this year and they wanted to invest them with the right guidance.

The police, who come in contact with violence and crime on a daily basis, related their advice for the students to be good citizens and find productive employment.

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