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Belizean law student critically wounded in shooting in Guyana; family appeals for help

By Marion Ali, Staff Reporter

Glenfield Dennison, 31, a Belizean law student in Guyana, lies in an induced coma and a critical condition after he was shot at around 9:00 on Thursday night; and his family is asking for financial help for his mother to reach him.

Dennison, described as an ambitious student activist enrolled at the University of Guyana, had just walked his girlfriend, also a law student, to her place of stay. He was about to ride off when a gunman approached and unleashed three shots at him. Two of the bullets struck him in his chest, puncturing his lungs and grazing his liver, and the other hit him on the left arm.

Dennison is at the Georgetown Hospital in Guyana in an induced coma and on a ventilator. His mother needs financial support in other to travel to Guyana to be with her son. She is also hopeful that Guyanese police will be able to sol solve the crime, the second such incident involving a Belizean attacked in Guyana in two years.

Investigators have concluded that the motive of the incident is not robbery because nothing was stolen from Dennison.

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