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Teenager detained for setting three fires in PG

By Ingrid Fernandez, Staff Reporter

A teenager who burnt part of a restaurant and set two cars on fire in Punta Gorda has been arrested by Punta Gorda police pending charges.

The young man, believed to be from Hopeville village, Toledo, set fire to ‘Gomiers’ Restaurant in Punta Gorda and two vehicles in the vicinity causing more than $25,000 in losses to the owners.

Restaurant owner, Ignacious Longville, 60, shared that at around 4:00 a.m. on Sunday, he was asleep when he heard noises outside his house. He came out to find the thatch part of his restaurant ablaze.

Family and neighbours started putting out the fire until the fire engine arrived and managed to salvage most of the premise. The loss Longville has incurred,  he stated, is approximately $6,000.00.

The young man also burnt an Izuzu D-Max pick-up truck parked 100 yards away from the restaurant and another vehicle at another location. The first vehicle alone, the owner stated, was worth more than $20,000.00

The teen is believed to have committed other petty crimes prior to these incidents of arson.

Police have confirmed that they have arrested the teenager accused but they cannot reveal any information as The Central Intelligence Unit (CIU)
is still on the ground investigating.

No motive has been established, and police cannot say whether the young man was under the influence of drugs or alcohol when he set the fires.

Longville is pleading to police to keep the young man apprehended to avoid future incidents like these.

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