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Cardona responds to allegations of unethical legal practice

By Alexis R. Milan

Attorney Marcel Cardona responded to reports that he has been recommended for suspension for a year by the General Legal Council on allegations of unethical legal practices saying he completely surprised and wasn’t notified about any such occurrence.

Cardona said the Disciplinary Committee of the Bar Association may have proceeded to make the decision but neither he nor the complainant were present at the meeting supposedly held earlier this week. According to Cardona, he still hasn’t been able to get any official documentation of the alleged decision made against him.

He said he is currently awaiting confirmation on the issue. Cardona said he was shocked because when an accusation is made against someone’s professional reputation, especially an attorney, the accused should be given an opportunity to defend their self in person.

Cardona said from what he has been able to gather there are two complaints against him by a past client. Cardona said on the allegation that he overcharged for his service that he is fully prepared to substantiate the value of service to the disgruntled client.

He said he believes the client is trying to destroy his reputation and that when he was the attorney for the client he undertook a laborious task which entailed countless hours of attention. Cardona said he is confident that once the matter is taken to court he will be able to successfully prove his point.

On the second allegation that he wrote an email detailing an instance where he was able to bribe officials to secure the release of the client from prison Cardona said that is absolutely false. He said he intends to do everything possible to protect his reputation.

The allegations being made against Cardona are from a Czechoslovakian woman named Hana Belickova who said that her son Martin Muzikant was a client of Cardona’s. Cardona confirmed that Muzikant was his client but said he now has information to suggest that Muzikant wasn’t going by his real name and is in fact wanted by international authorities.

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