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YCT project trains sports trainers

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Youth and Community Transformation project, implemented by the Ministry of Human Development, Social Transformation and Poverty Alleviation, held a four-day training course this week for coaches and community sports trainers.

Community members, representatives from the Community Policing Unit of the Belize Police Department, and representatives from the Samuel Haynes institute attended the sessions, which were facilitated by the National Sports Council.

Cherese Ferguson, YCT project coordinator, explained that the training is to build the capacity of the coaches and trainers in preparation for the implementation phases of the transformation projects.

“We hope that this training will build the capacity of these persons to engage children and young people in positive activities; not just how to play the sports but how the life skills like sportsmanship and discipline will positively impact their lives,” Ferguson said.

The YCT project involves transformation programs in Pickstock, Collet, Yabra, and other areas on the southside of Belize. It will feature other project components, such as life skills training through a collaboration with the Community Rehabilitation Department, expressive arts, and basic literacy and numeracy.

The project will be implemented at various centers, including the implementation centers will include YMCA, Samuel Haynes, Yabra Community Center, and the Lake Independence Resource Center, which is scheduled to be constructed later in the project.

The YCT project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank.

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