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Belize Red Cross Society observes First Aid Day

By Benjamin Flowers, Staff Reporter

The Belize Red Cross joined the International federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies to observe First Aid Day. The day was celebrated on September 13 under the global theme “First aid heroes in daily emergencies and disasters,” with the Belize Red Cross’ educational campaign then being “Be a Hero, Save Lives.”

During the observation the Belize Red Cross made a call to tne public to get trained in first aid, emphasizing that people without medical school qualifications can also save lives.

“Every five seconds, someone in the world dies from an injury,” said Rodel Beltran Perera, communications officer. “In emergencies, 90 percent of lives are saved by local people”, he continued.

The BRC highlighted that the Global Red Cross and Red Crescent trains more than 14 million people in first aid every year. In August the BRC trained 40 teachers and 130 new police recruits.

For more than 100 years, first aid has been a main service provided by Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers.

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