Mahogany Masqueraders & Mother Nature’s Creations win Carnival Queen and King

Mahogany Masqueraders’ Queen Ruby costume worn by Kimolyn Vernon and Mother naAcombo, worn by Leroy Green, won the Senior Carnival Queen and King competitions held by the Carnival Association, with support of the National Institute of Culture and History (NICH) at the MCC grounds on Saturday night, September 1.

Queen Ruby won the $5,000 first prize from among 11 contestants from six senior bands. Soca Warriors’ Alexis Palacio as Queen Ixchel won the $3,500 second prize, while Oceana’s Soca Moca Queen Tia Dalma, portrayed by Suzette Marsden, won the $2,500 third prize. 

Also vying for the title were Mother Nature’s Queen Fiera, – Carla Broaster and Queen L’Patria – Lurleen Gamboa; Mahogany Masqueraders Dame Loraine – Aidan Palacio, Eternity Mas Band’s Cleopatra White costume  – Shermaine Martinez and Queen 4G – Crystal Archer; Oceana’s Queen Syrena – Jamelia Bradley,  and Belizean Jewels’ Queen Shawn Kadejah Tun and Queen Sarah – Ebony Babb.

King Combo claimed the $5,000 first prize as Senior King from among eight other rivals, while Oceana’s George Parks as King Kraken won the $3,500 second prize and Mahogany Masqueraders’ King Cashka – Andrew Middleton won the $2,500 third prize. Others vying for the title included Soca Warriors’ King Pablo – Jason Belisle; Mahogany Masqueraders’ King Independence – Tyrone Scott, Eternity Masqueraders Justin Gill as Gen. Allan Usher and Dennis Belgrave as Sgt Gilbert Tablada; Oceana’s Harry Belgrave as King Davey Jones and Belizean Jewels’ Darrel Goff as King Stanley.

Sunshine Masqueraders’ Mayan Rain Goddess portrayed by Elisha Bernardez won the $4,000 first prize as junior queen, while Pickstock Carnival Band’s Queen Faunia –Shantay Zetina won the $3,000 second prize and Western Paradise’s Queen Floricenta – Alexi Flowers won the $2,000 third prize. Also vying for the title were Jump Street’s Queen Cinderella Jornesha Marsden, and Queen Agatha – Misty Williams; Western Paradise’s Queen Aquaria – Kelsey Jones, Black Pearl’s Tropical Queen – Victoria Marin, and Pickstock’s Queen Florasol – Kymar Bent.

Jump Street Posse won the $4,000 first  and the $3,000 second prizes for Prince Kent portrayed by Warren Smith as Junior King, while King Gus – Joseph Sanchez took second. Sunshine Masqueraders’ Maya Moon God – Jay Ferrell won the $2,000 third prize.

The contest also included Western Paradise’s King Crude – Kalman Hall and Mr. Electricity – Hakeem Gill, Black Pearl’s Prince of the wild, Albert Grant, and Pickstock’s King Jung-la Derrick Menzies.

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