Zenaida Moya to open restaurant on the river

The former two-term Mayor of Belize City, Zenaida Moya, is the investor behind a construction project at the mouth of the Belize Harbor.

Moya’s project, which will serve as a riverside restaurant, is located at the former location for the Triple J boat service.

Construction began a few weeks ago; however, the Local Building Authority (LBA), an arm of the Belize City Council, has raised some concerns about the project.

The Chairman of the LBA, Christy Mastry, told The Reporter that, on account of the concerns raised, Moya has agreed to suspend construction and “politely wait” until all the issues are resolved.

City Engineer, Benjamin Mendoza, told The Reporter that while the LBA has not given its full approval for the project, the Central Building Authority has already okayed it.

Mendoza said that  everything is set for the LBA to approve the construction, when the group meets on Friday, May 4.

Mastry also said that all of Moya’s paperwork is in order, so now its just the formality of granting the approval for her project.

Mendoza said that Moya has met all of the requirements for the construction of a concrete bungalow structure with a verandah.

It should be noted that a similar project  undertaken by Belview Hotel was not so fortunate.

Although the building was almost completed,  that project was abandoned because it  could not get approval for its trade and liquor licenses from the Belize City Council.

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