What’s wrong with this picture?

Once again, an international media outlet has confused Belize’s Blue Hole, with its sister Caribbean world wonder, Dean’s Blue Hole, which is located in Clarence Town on Long Island, Bahamas.

This time, the image of Belize’s Blue Hole appeared on, under the headline “Los Lugares Más Extraños Del Mundo”—that is to say, “The Strangest Places in the World”.

The issue, however, is that the image of Belize’s “unique” Blue Hole appeared next to a caption that read:
“The big blue hole, Bahamas: known as Dean’s Blue Hole, located in the west bay of Clarence, is the deepest hole in the world, about 663 feet.”

Those facts clearly don’t correspond with Belize’s Blue Hole—which is little over 400 feet deep, and the gaffe is enough to upset any Belizean.

Belize Tourism Director of Marketing and Industry Relations, Alyssa Carnegie told The Reporter Thursday that the BTB, via its legal council, has written the editor of the publication to have him correct the error, which would most likely mean them removing the image of the Blue Hole and replacing it with Dean’s Blue Hole.

Carnegie explained that they just need to clarify exactly to which Blue Hole they are referring to avoid any misrepresentation.

This however, isn’t the first time that something like this has happened, Carnegie recalled.

She pointed to a November 2013 Caribbean news article, entitled “American dies in Bahamas free diving contest”.

That article featured a picture of Belize’s Blue Hole, even though the piece was about an American, 32-year-old Nicholas Mevoli, who died at Dean’s Blue Hole.

The article stated Mevoli died in the water off the Bahamas’ Long Island, during an International Free Diving competition.

“The competition was held at Dean’s Blue Hole, which at 663-feet is considered the world’s deepest sink hole in seawater,” Caribbean reported.

According to Carnegie, the BTB had also contacted that media house about that error, and the picture was subsequently removed.

To this day, the editor’s note for this article reads: “Caribbean 360 incorrectly published an image of the Great Blue Hole with this story. Caribbean 360 sincerely apologises to the Belize Ministry of Tourism and Culture for the unintended error. The story now features the correct image of Dean’s Blue Hole in Bahamas.”

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