UB Lecturer blows whistle; says UB is over-charging

University of Belize  is overcharging students, UB lecturer and social activist Patrick Menzies said Thursday.

Menzies, speaking at a press conference and flanked by two U.B. students, said that the current structure, as it relates to the credit-per-class acceptance policy and tuition rates, is flawed.

He said that the Associate class at UB costs $29 per credit hour, and $87 per class, while the Bachelor’s program costs $90 per credit hour, and $270 per class.

He further pointed that if a student is doing a prerequisite for a Bachelor’s degree, he will be sitting in a classroom with all Associate’s students, and that the university will charge him $270 while everybody  else in his class is paying $87.

To bolster his claim, Menzies had with him two students.

First-year Bachelor degree student in Management, Lienne Torres, said that she was part of a study that found many students being over charged.

She said that in addition to that, students who are being transferred from Junior College, most of their courses are not transferred to UB, so then what happens is that they spend more time at UB having to re-sit the same courses.

Menzies says that he forwarded copies of his case studies findings to the Provost two weeks ago, but so far he has not received any feedback, except that she would copy them and give them to the President.

When asked why only he from the faculty came forth to reveal such a finding, Menzies said that many of the teachers do support him, but because they are on contractual arrangements, they are not willing to make the bold step.

He, on the other hand, receives a salary of $800 per month as an Adjunct Lecturer, and his interests, as he told reporters, is in his country and in the people of Belize.

He urges everyone, including the Ministry of Education, to demand back their money for overpaying the institution.

So far, the university has not issued any response to the allegations, except to say via Love News that any student who has an issue with the fees paid is welcome to visit the school’s administration.

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