Two remanded for Matura murders

Two men have been charged and remanded to prison for the murders of Daniel and Kaylon Matura.

Andrew Willoughby, 31,  was charged for killing 11-year-old Daniel Matura before Chief Magistrate, Ann Marie Smith on Wednesday morning, May 23rd.

Willoughby faces three indictable charges: a single count of murder and two counts of attempted murder against Roy Bennett and Brandon Taylor, 26, who was accused of the murder of Kaylon Matura.

Willoughby fired nine rounds at the men as they rode past the Matura’s yard.

He missed his intended targets and three of his nine bullets caught Daniel, who was  walking by himself along Central American Boulevard.

Daniel was shot in the chest and back, and he died just a few feet from where his cousin, Kaylon Matura, died on Thursday, May 17.

At a press briefing held on Tuesday, police told reporters that Willoughby gave investigators a cautioned statement regarding the incident.

Willoughby said Brandon Taylor had passed in front of the Matura yard and took out a chrome handgun from his left pants pocket; pointed it him and shouted: “I wah kill all ah unu,” on Saturday, May 19.

According to Police, Willoughby, fearing for his life, ran into the nearby Matura yard.

Brandon Taylor, a labourer of 8994 Jane Usher Boulevard, was arraigned for Kaylon Matura’s murder before Chief Magistrate Ann Marie Smith on Wednesday, May 23,

Kaylon Matura was on his way to work at the Ministry of Works, when his killer shot him from ambush twice in his chest and once in his face.

He tried to run, but collapsed at his gate and died on the spot.

Both Taylor and Willoughby have been remanded to the Belize Central Prison until their next court appearance on Tuesday, June 26.

Records show that two earlier attempts had been made on the life of Kaylon Matura, a father of four young children, who was laid to rest on Monday, May 21.

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