Two Fila Brasileiro dogs maul Hope Creek watchman to death 

A 66-year-old watchman of Hope Creek Village, was apparently mauled to death on his job site by two ferocious guard dogs, police reported Thursday.
According the police, when they visited the Agricultural Development Service (ADS) compound at mile 9 ¼ around 7:00 am on Wednesday, December 12, they found the body of Clive Bernard Coe.
Coe had what appeared to be abrasions and bite marks all over it, and there were two Fila Brasileiro breed dogs on either side of him.
Superintendent of Police, Robert Mariano, told The Reporter that the two dogs, which were owned by ADS, were shot and killed earlier on Thursday.
Mariano said that according to the police’s investigation, the dogs, which were used as watch dogs for the company, were around two years old, and that Coe had been caring for them since they were puppies.
The Fila Brasileiro originated in Brazil and is believed to have been developed from a number of breeds, including the mastiff, the bulldog, and the bloodhound.
According to the BBC, they were originally found on farms and plantations and were reportedly used to track Brazilian slaves and fugitives.

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