Townsend’s body recovered!

Clifford Brian Townsend, 64, who went missing on Christmas Day, was found dead and positively identified onThursday, two days later.
Townsend’s son, Cory, who travelled to Belize soon after his father’s disappearance was reported, crossed into neighbouring Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala, to identify his father’s remains.
While a post mortem examination has not yet been completed, police strongly believe that Townsend was murdered at his home in the Valley of Peace, because they found blood stains in his house and his vehicle was missing. They also suspect that Townsend’s killers loaded his corpse in his truck and discreetly crossed the border with it into Guatemala where they discarded the body in the Mopan River. The cause of his death has not yet been determined.
Townsend’s body was discovered on December 27th, floating in the river near Arenal Village, Guatemala, but because of immigration issues, it could not be identified until his son could meet Guatemalan authorities’ requirements.
Townsend’s friends held a Memorial Service today to celebrate his life in his home village.

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