Toddler found dead; mother & father primary suspects

A seemingly straightforward case of suspected arson turned into something sinister, when a toddler was found dead in a bucket of water Wednesday night.

Kaylee Burgess, who  would have celebrated her second birthday on Friday, was discovered dead  at her home, where she lived with her grandmother and mother, Diedra Pratt.

Kaylee’s death has aroused the attention of the police, because the discovery came one day after the home of the her father, Kevin Burgess, was torched.

Burgess told the media he believes that Pratt was the arsonist.

“We meet dah night [Tuesday] and she threaten me, ‘watch weh happen’. I neva pay ah much mind and when I come back my house deh pan fire.”

Police Press Officer Inspector Fitzroy Yearwood speaking to the media about the case said, “They’re alleging that she [Kaylee] drowned.

“We’re waiting for Doctor Estradabran to confirm that. But from the basis of the report, we have made it plain to both parties involved,  the mother and the father of the child, we suspect foul play.”

Yearwood also explained that the child was in the care of an aunt who reported Kaylee missing on the same evening her body was found.

Yearwood also explained that the father was detained for another report of damage to property for a window at Pratt’s house Wednesday night.

Based on allegations that Burgess kidnapped the toddler, the police also attempted to search his home, but that was not very helpful considering that the house was destroyed by fire.

Until the post mortem results are released on Friday, the police say that they will continue to operate under the suspicion that foul play was involved at some point within Pratt’s and Burgess’  bitter  break-up.


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