Three policemen under investigation for rape of detainees

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

The Police Department’s Professional Standards Branch is collecting statements in connection with an allegation by two women that three policemen raped them while in their custody last Thursday night at the Independence police station compound.

Two of the policemen, whose ranks vary, allegedly committed the act separately. Two of the lower ranking officers reportedly raped one of the women in a room at the police station, while the other officer took the second woman, under a step next to the building, where he allegedly raped her.

The Reporter has been able to independently find out that the women were reportedly intercepted at the Independence bus terminal on a bus that had traveled from Belmopan last Thursday evening. One of them, a Belizean, had just relocated to Independence, while the other, a Salvadoran who is her cousin, did not have her travel documents or other identification on her at the time.

The police reportedly searched the women’s bags and asked them to produce identification, which the Salvadoran could not provide at the time, but offered to have someone take a picture of her documents and passport – which show she is here legally – and have the person forward the picture to the police as proof that she arrived in Belize legally a few weeks ago. The policemen told the women they would be taken in pending an investigation of human trafficking and transported them to the police station, where they kept them in custody for several hours but never charged them with any offence.

One of the officers, who was allegedly involved, was already at the station when the women arrived. A female police constable has also been accused of instructing the woman who was raped in the room to take off her clothes, after which she left her there and the two policemen entered and allegedly raped the woman at that point.

At Thursday’s police press briefing, Assistant Commissioner Myvett confirmed that medical exams have been taken on the two women, but he could not give the details of those so as not to prejudice an ongoing investigation.

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