Three detained for brutal double homicide

Investigations into a gruesome murder that rendered Edilberto Madrid dead by decapitation and disembowelment this week reveals a sordid connection to two other murders in Roaring Creek Village.

In a press briefing on Friday afternoon, Belmopan police would only say that three men are detained, and the investigation is proceeding to their satisfaction.

Police refused to clarify if one of the men detained is Russell Hyde, a man who is no stranger to them. Yet multiple sources have confirmed to the Reporter, that Hyde and two of his workmen were detained on Tuesday evening and have been in lockdown since Wednesday night. Hyde’s black Toyota pickup was also impounded by police.

On May 17, 2015, Hyde’s common-law wife, Roselia Galvez, was murdered by an unknown gunman as she, Hyde and their three children neared the Agriculture Showgrounds at the Belmopan junction.

The body of Steven Hyde was discovered on Wednesday afternoon in a shallow grave on a farm belonging to his first cousin, Russell Hyde, in Camalote.

The deceased was a caretaker on the farm, and was last seen by his family on Monday at 5 p.m., heading to work. When they didn’t see him on Tuesday they filed a missing person report, leading police to search Russell Hyde’s farm.

The body was found in a shallow grave at the back of the farm. Steven Hyde’s legs had been severed at his thighs, his arms cut off at the shoulders, and he was decapitated. A quick examination confirmed the cause of death as a single gunshot to the head. A post mortem confirmed his body was mutilated before it was stuffed in a shallow grave.

Police were able to discover the body quickly, because they were already looking at Russell Hyde as a person of interest in the murder of Edilberto Madrid.

Madrid was killed on Sunday – his body cut into pieces and thrown into the Belize River near Camalote. It was discovered trapped in bush on the river bank by his family which had been searching for him since Monday. Both Edilberto Madrid and Steven Hyde were known as very close affiliates of Russell Hyde.

There are many pieces to this evil, deadly puzzle, but sources on the streets of Roaring Creek and the police as well, believe that all three murders are connected.
Supt. Howell Gillett, told the media:“We believe that the first killing ( that of Edilberto Madrid) was a revenge killing, and the second one followed the first.
“The first incident led to the second one. Without going into the details because there is an active investigation and I wouldn’t want to do anything to jeopardize the investigation” he said.
From there it is easier to put more pieces together. One angle being explored is that Edilberto Madrid, well known in Benque Viejo as an enforcer, was somehow involved in the attack on May 17, which resulted in the death of Roselia Galvez. That theory raises some questions, since Madrid was also known in Roaring Creek as Russell Hyde’s right hand man.

Still, his savage murder is believed to have been motivated by revenge for Galvez’s death. Where the death of Steven “Deeds” Hyde is concerned, it is thought, at least by some of his family members, that he may have become uneasy with the murder of Madrid and was murdered to ensure his silence.

All are theories at this point and police hope that the ongoing investigation, as well as forensic examinations will help to clear up questions.
Police have conducted a search on Hyde’s home in Camalote and say they have found some items, though Supt. Gillett would not go into details.

Sources tell Reporter that police are also conducting tests on blood found on Hyde’s black Toyota pickup.
Both Steven Hyde and Edilberto Madrid have served time behind bars. Hyde was convicted for the killing of a waitress at M&S Bar in 2002, and had only recently been released when he went to work for Russell Hyde.

Madrid had been charged for attempted murder and an unlicensed gun but has been linked to other violent crimes occurring in the area and in other parts of the country.
Police could not, or would not say when or if any charges would be levied against Hyde or the other two men detained with him.

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