Third parties revive Belize Unity Alliance

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

The political third parties in Belize have decided to join forces and have their respective candidates participate in elections under the banner of the Belize Unity Alliance.
Representatives for three of the four political third parties met in Dangriga on Saturday to discuss the movement’s principles and structure.

Will Maheia represented the People’s National Party; Hubert Enriquez represented the Vision Inspired by the People, and Mateo Polanco represented the Belize Green Independent Party.

The third party summit was organized by Devon Lee, a student pursuing his degree in Political Science.
Lee, who has been conducting surveys and consultations since May, said that the consensus of the 225 people surveyed in Punta Gorda was that there is a great degree of distrust for the current style of politics in Belize, and a high perception of corruption.

“When I met with the leaders of the third parties individually, I asked them what they wanted to see come out of this summit,” Lee said.

“They all felt that a collaborative effort like reviving the BUA is what the country needs to move forward.”
In 2011, Maheia had proposed the formation of the BUA. This initiative was supported by the VIP.

The leaders will be holding a follow-up meeting in the coming weeks to discuss and refine the structure of the BUA.

The Belize People’s Front is the only third party that was not represented at the meeting.

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