Teen confesses to killing Brian Townsend

Belmopan Police have a suspect in their custody who they say has confessed to the murder of Canadian missionary, Brian Townsend.
The suspect, a 19-year-old Benque Viejo resident, has given police a caution statement in which he has reportedly confessed to taking part in two murders – Townsend’s and Isidoro Bonilla, another Valley of Peace resident who, like Townsend, was robbed before he was chopped to death inside a room in his house last December.
The Reporter has confirmed with a police source that the youth has led investigators to a location in the Valley of Peace community where he and Raulito Balona, another of Townsend’s murder suspects, now deceased, hid items stolen from Bonilla and the machete they allegedly used to murder Townsend.
Police, however, have only recovered a chainsaw from the scene which belonged to Bonilla.
Balona, 21, who police had suspected as one of Townsend’s murderers, was discovered this past Tuesday shot to death in Arenal, Guatemala, to where his family travelled on Wednesday to try to retrieve his body for burial.
Balona’s brother, Marlon, 19, was also killed in La Gracia community near Buena Vista Village, Cayo in January, the victim of a shooting. He, however, was never a suspect in the Townsend/Bonilla robbery and murders.
Police have linked their detainee and Raulito Balona to the Townsend on grounds that the two were allegedly involved in the trafficking of marijuana and that the detainee had travelled from Benque to conduct illicit business with Balona on previous occasions.
The suspect in custody, a drug trafficking convict himself, currently has a committal warrant for immediate imprisonment because he has failed to pay a $10,000 fine levied against him last year.
On the day when Brian Townsend went missing, his employees reportedly heard Balona threaten his life.
Balona, the reports say, had grown irate that Townsend had filed complaints to the police of a series of thefts at his home and Balona, who was his next-door neighbor, was charged and remanded to the Hattieville Prison on the last such occasion.
Meanwhile, Balona’s mother, Martita Requeña, has publicly accused the police of harassing her family.
On one occasion following Townsend’s murder, Requeña said that the police locked up her and her 15-year-old son for five days on the basis that they knew about her other two sons’ involvement in the Townsend murder.
Requeña has vehemently rejected the accusation and said that on the day when Townsend went missing, Raulito Balona was not in Valley of Peace, because he had gone in search of a job in southern Belize.
She has further accused the police of threatening to harm them and of destroying her household belongings.
This is an accusation that investigators have denied.
Townsend’s body was discovered in a shallow grave in Melchor de Mencos, Guatemala, two days after he went missing on Christmas Eve from his home.

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