Suspected drug plane lands in Spanish Lookout then burnt

By Marion Ali
Staff Reporter

Police have not yet issued any details regarding the circumstances of a suspected drug plane landing on a remote dirt road in the Mennonite community of Spanish Lookout, Cayo early Tuesday morning.

The private single engine Cessna 210 aircraft, which apparently contained illicit drugs, landed on the airstrip, but is believed to have swerved a little, stopping halfway off the road.

It was quickly unloaded and its passenger or passengers set it on fire. Vehicles were then heard speeding from the area. Even though it was set on fire, the tail number on the plane was still visible: YV-3241 – one in a series of aircrafts said to originate from South America.

The Reporter contacted Clarence Dueck, chairman of Spanish Lookout, who said residents of the community reported they heard an aircraft flying low for about 15 minutes. The aircraft landed about five miles away, on a road about a mile long, which leads to farm land behind the community.

This is not the first time a plane has landed in the area and set on fire. Last March, a plane landed on another road within a mile of this latest one. The two incidents have prompted the community of Spanish Lookout – with a population of about 2,500 – to discuss ways in which to avert another such incident, Dueck informed.

“We can put pipes, steel posts and bumps along the road to avoid planes from landing. This [illegal landing] is something we do not endorse. We would hope that this does not happen again”, Dueck emphasized.

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