Skeletal remains found in OW

Orange Walk Police have launched a full investigation into the circumstances that led to the death of twenty-three-year old Luis Enrique Moreno.
Moreno’s skeletal remains were found on Tuesday morning, approximately half a mile on Richman Hill Farm located along the Guinea Grass/Shipyard Road in the Orange Walk District.
The farm’s caretakers discovered the body sometime around eight in the morning and immediately notified authorities.
One of the men who came across the remains said they were headed to an area within the farm to investigate alleged robberies of cattle.
Police scenes of crimes technicians combed the area in search of evidence and collected DNA and dental samples.
By Wednesday, Police were able to identify the remains as that of Moreno, as his mother, Marcela Moreno accompanied investigators to the scene and recognized the clothing as the one she last saw him in.
Moreno had turned to the media only one week ago to seek the public’s assistance in locating her son, whom she last saw alive on February 5th.
Moreno recalls that he arrived in the morning to eat and bathe. “We were running jokes,” she said. “He told me what are you worrying about? I soon will dead he told me and I told him no say that not even in a joke no say that, and he said anyway hold on to my birth paper and then I going out so and I tell him mine yourself.” Moreno says she became concerned for her son after he failed to stop by her house in the days that followed.
Forensic Pathologist Dr. Mario Estradaban conducted an onsite post mortem examination on the remains. His findings were inconclusive and further examinations will be conducted on the evidence gathered. When this is concluded, there is a possibility that authorities will be upgrading the incident as Orange Walk’s second homicide for 2014.
In the meantime, police are following all leads. When asked, Moreno admitted that her son had his encounters with the law but says she does not know whether he was involved in any serious criminal activity and could not say whether anyone would want him dead.
“No, he doesn’t tell me anything about his personal life. I don’t know nothing,” she added. After the on site examination was concluded the family of Luis Moreno retrieved the remains, placed it in a coffin and will proceed to give him a proper burial.

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