Shot to the head kills mother

By Marion Ali
Assistant Editor

Marcia Downs, 37, a mother and janitor, became the nation’s latest murder victim when she was shot execution-style at close range in the head shortly after 8:00 on Wednesday night in Belize city.

Marcia Downs

Marcia Downs

The incident happened at Downs’ Handyside Street home, when a man who walked through an alley leading to her house, reportedly called out her name. When she looked out to see who it was, he fired two shots at her. Downs died while receiving treatment at the Karl Heusner Memorial Hospital at 9:30, a little over an hour after being shot.

Police detained a suspect about an hour later near the scene, reportedly as he hid in trees in the area. They did not find any weapon, however; and while police believe that Downs may have known her killer, they would not confirm if the investigation has revealed whether the motive was related to any previous gang-related killings.

Information to the Reporter indicates that Downs’ murder may have been the result of ongoing gang rivalry between the Majestic Alley and Victoria Street gangs.
There are other reports as well that the Channel 5 janitor was killed in retaliation for another murder that occurred in the general vicinity late last year because she either knew or was related to the alleged perpetrator in that murder.

The brazen murder occurred less than a block away from a police checkpoint near the corner of Gabourel Lane and Handyside Street.
A close relative of Downs’, who might have been nearby when she was shot, is now seeking refuge elsewhere.

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