Second double murder in Corozal!

By Michelle Sutherland

Staff Reporter

Missing lovers, Zeidi Orozco, 33, and Baltazar Lopez, 41, were found dead in an advanced state of decomposition in a wooded area, about two miles off the Consejo road in Corozal on Wednesday.

The couple had been reported missing the Thursday before, when they were last seen together at the  beach in Corozal. Orozco and Lopez were found lying a few feet apart from each other around 1:47 on Wednesday afternoon, six days after they were first reported missing.

The discovery makes it Corozal’s second double murder in  five-weeks, eerily similar to the ex-pat couple found dead just weeks earlier.

A post mortem examination conducted on the bodies certified that Orozco died as a result of blunt force trauma to her head, while Lopez was executed by a single gunshot to his head.

The gruesome discovery was made by an individual who went to dispose of some garbage at a nearby dumpsite on the same feeder road. The witness told police that he became aware of a stench coming from the area and upon making checks, discovered the bodies.

Orozco’s family confirmed to the Reporter that she had been receiving death threats via text messages and once in person about three months prior to her death.

The family says they are afraid and shaken and hope that the officials carry out  relentless investigations to apprehend the person or people involved in the callous murder of their loved one.

Lopez’s family, in an interview with the  Reporter, said he never indicated to them that his life was in danger.

Both families believe that Orozco and Baltazar were killed elsewhere and their bodies dumped in the woods, since they had recently made checks in the same area on Sunday and Monday.

The two were laid to rest immediately after the post mortem was conducted due to the advanced state of decomposition the bodies were in.

The couple was last seen on Thursday, June 1 at the seaside in Corozal town. Orozco’s vehicle was found torched and abandoned in a cane field near Patchakan village on Friday evening.

Police have kept a tight lid on details regarding this latest double murder, even as the Corozal community is still reeling from the unsolved double murder of North American couple Drew De Voursney and Francesca Matus, whose decomposed bodies were found in a cane field on May 1.

Orozco leaves behind a daughter while Lopez is survived by three children.

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