Sarstoon travellers rebutt PM’s statements on excursion

By Benjamin Flowers
Staff Reporter

Several persons who travelled on the trip to the Sarstoon Island, hosted by the Belize Territorial Volunteers, held a press conference this week responding to statements made by Prime Minister Dean Barrow.

Representatives from the BTV, the political third Party Vision Inspired by the People, and the Belize Unity Alliance gathered at the Belize Institute of Management on Thursday, to express their disapproval of the government’s position on the excursion.

BUA representative Patrick Rogers spoke on Belize/Guatemala relations and the illegal nature of the compromise signed between the two countries, which still has not been ratified by Belize’s Senate.

Paco Smith of the VIP, emphasized the party’s position on the Guatemalan unfounded claim, and declared both the current government and the opposition as having successively failed to adequately represent the best interest of Belizeans’ in handling the claim.
BTV leader, Will Maheia, despite warnings made by the Prime Minister, vowed that the BTV would hold two more border excursions before September 21.

Maheia added that in light of the recently released information, the Belize Defense Force makes regular patrols to the Sarstoon island on Tuesdays, the BTV will accompany the BDF on those patrols.

On Wednesday, the National Security Council, chaired by the Prime Minister, held a press conference to address the BTV’s excursion on Sunday, August 16.
At the conference Barrow said that while patriotic, the BTV and its supporters were misinformed when they carried out the excursion, and asked that they refrain from going there in the future.

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