San Pedro resort offers LGBT bash! But anti-gay activists protest!

By Alexis R. Milan
Staff Reporter

Caribbean Villas Resort in San Pedro is offering a tourist package marketed internationally, which it has described as the biggest Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual and Trans-gender (LGBT) pride event in Belize’s history.
The seven-day, seven-night “Temptation Island Pride Week” isn’t scheduled to be held at the private resort until September, but it is already drawing attention from both critics and supporters.

According to the Caribbean Villas website, the event will include exclusive nightly activities, including a drag show, a toga party, leather and lace party, a masquerade ball, a runway model show and more.
Caribbean Villas also said it has set aside each of its 61 rooms to exclusively accommodate event attendees.
United Belize Advocacy Movement (UNIBAM) Executive Director, Caleb Orozco has this to say:

“All individuals have the right to freedom of association, expression and movement, and organizing a pride event, wherever it is, as long as people aren’t harming anyone or creating chaos, is just another event that is part of the Belizean social fabric.”
He added that the upcoming event isn’t the first time a pride event has been organized in Belize.

A couple of years ago, the LGBT community organized and mobilized an event that included the participation of around 200 people. Orozco said that event wasn’t publicized and was spread by word of mouth.
Pastor Scott Stirm, Evangelical Association vice president said the organizing of the week-long gay-pride event is “appalling” and is a part of the international push for the homosexual agenda.

According to Stirm, church leaders have started dialoguing since hearing about the event, and have decided to mobilize.
Stirm said they haven’t fully discussed the issue yet but are firmly opposed to the advocacy of immorality and as such, they may decide to stage a protest or demonstration of some kind in San Pedro for the same week the event is scheduled.

He added that the church is especially concerned that the event, being organized by a resort, may be promoting sex tourism, which is something already happening in Belize.
Stirm said gay-pride events often involve various forms of debauchery and inappropriate behavior, including drag shows and some of the other events being advertised by Caribbean Villas.

Stirm also said that private gay-pride events, such as the one being advertised, is a way for promoters of the homosexual agenda to get their foot in the door before starting to promote public gay-pride events.

Police Press Coordinator, Douglas Hyde, speaking about the event in the context of a gay-pride event being held on a private property in a jurisdiction where sodomy is still illegal under Section 53 of the Criminal Code, said police cannot take any action against the event, unless a crime is reported.
Hyde said regardless of the perception of the type of event being held, the police cannot intervene unless a crime is committed because even though sodomy is an offense, simply gathering is not.

Hyde affirmed that people of all orientations have the right to converge and gather for social events as it is their human right to associate freely and not be targeted.

He added that as a measure of caution, the Belize Police Department may consider certain options to ensure public safety because there may be people with opposing view that could possibly try to harm participants of the event.

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